" Astrology is a proven science practiced across the world. How one handles it depends upon the skills of an Astrologer as prediction is an art which comes with the divine blessings. "-Dr.Tumul Raathi

Thumul Raathi
Dr.Tumul Raathi
Doctorate in Astrological Science (Gold Medalist)

Vedic Astrologer


Scientific Astrologer

, Numerologist, Graphologist, & Life Coach.

He is one of the youngest, modern, rare, effective & unconventional Vedic Astrologers in India based in Hyderabad and the best Astrologer consultant for Corporate & Business enterprises in India based on scientific & practical approach. Being a first generation entrepreneur himself he has great understanding & experience of a corporate functioning.

He possesses an in depth knowledge of Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Nameology, Commercial Vaastu & Signature analysis. He believes in the combined application of these subjects for problem solving. An expert in his subject he is blessed with a sharp logical & analytical mind, a tech savvy, has widely travelled and having a born to guide attitude.

His experience from the business and spiritual worlds has helped to facilitate his client’s growth. He feels it is important that everyone find a way to balance their professional needs with their spiritual core values. For this reason, he works with both personal clients who are seeking ways to improve and prosper in their lives and with business owners in developing professional strategies that enables them to create a successful enterprise and run a soul centric business.

He firmly believes in Astrology as a guiding science not just a predictive science. A good Astrologer can guide the native for better and prosperous life as Lord Krishna guided Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

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