" Astrology is a proven science practiced across the world. How one handles it depends upon the skills of an Astrologer as prediction is an art which comes with the divine blessings. "-Dr.Tumul Raathi


Seek solutions & answers to your various problems in life

Astrological consultations are not only for those who are presently facing problems & difficulties in life but for everyone who wants to improve their life by gaining a proper understanding of good & difficult periods ahead, your strengths & weaknesses and performing various remedies to get over the evils or doshas causing difficulties & hindrances in your success. In short, to lead a healthy, happy & prosperous life one should take proper & regular guidance from an able Astrologer. Looking for answers or solutions to the following problems or issues in life?

Personal Astro Counseling


  • I am suffering from a major disease where medicines are not able to cure me. How will I get cured?
  • I am suffering from a Phobia / Depression / Insomnia / Lack of confidence. How will I get rid of it?
  • I am facing with recurring health issue where the problem re occurs once i stop my medicine. How can this be permanently cured?


  • I am not able to get a suitable job. How & when will I get?
  • I am unable to perform well in my job. How can I improve my performance?
  • My boss is never happy with my performance so I am not getting promotions. What should I do to get promotion?
  • I am never satisfied with my job and frequently change jobs. How & When will I be happy with a suitable job?
  • What line of career is suitable for me where I can perform well and grow in life?
  • Do I have a career & scope of settling abroad?
  • What is good for me, Business or Service?
  • Which line of business is suitable & favourable for me?
  • What is suitable for me in business? Trading, Manufacturing or Commission based activity or any other activity?
  • I have tried 2-3 businesses but nothing worked out for me. Now what business should I do to earn money and be successful?
  • I have lost a lot of money in my business. How will I gain from my business?
  • I have been deceived by my partners. How should I do business in partnership and trust my partners?


  • How wealthy will I become in life? Can I become a Millionaire or Billionaire?
  • I am not able to save money as all my earnings goes into undesirable expenditures. What should I do to save money?
  • I am in debts. How & when will I get out of it?
  • Can I invest in real estate or properties so that I benefit from it? Should I invest in residential or commercial properties?
  • Where should I invest to gain maximum returns? In properties, stock market or others?
  • I have given loan to someone but now my money is stuck as he is not paying. How and when will I recover my money?


  • I am in a love relationship. Will it turn into marriage?
  • Am I in a right relationship where I can see my future with him/her?
  • I am deeply in love but my partner treats me casually and shows less or no concern for me. What should I do?
  • I have some personal problems which I would like to share and find its solution. How can you help me?


  • Will I have a love marriage or an arranged one?
  • How will be my life partner? Will I be happy with her?
  • I have compatibility problems with my spouse. Will our relationship improve? What should I do?
  • I am having problems in conceiving. How and when will I conceive?
  • Will I have a baby boy or girl? How will be my kids?
  • My child is physically very weak and falls ill frequently. What should I do to make him fit and healthy?
  • My child is very poor in studies and doesn’t perform in school. What should I do to make him successful?
  • I have a family dispute related to property / wealth division / any other. How and when will it settle and will I gain or loose?


Telephonic consultation upto 3 specific questions (30-40 mins) 1000 per person
Detailed horoscope analysis & telephonic counseling (60-90 mins) 2100 per person
Personal Meeting (60-90 mins) 2100 per person
EXPLORE YOURSELF- The Life Report with Period analysis &
Life predictions (3 years) with detailed telephonic discussion/personal meeting
7500 per person
EXPLORE YOURSELF- The Life Report with Period analysis &
Life predictions (5 years) with detailed telephonic discussion/personal meeting
10000 per person
EXPLORE YOURSELF- The Life Report with Period analysis &
Life predictions (10 years) with detailed telephonic discussion/personal meeting
15000 per person


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