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How should I consult?

You can consult us in two ways:

Tele-Consultation Mainly for those who are located far away where visiting personally is not possible or difficult. You can fill up the online form or call/text on the phone numbers mentioned for appointment. Within 48 Hours your query shall appropriately be addressed on phone by the Astrologer, subject to the payment of the consultation charges.

Personal Meeting You can call/text on the given numbers and take an appointment for personally meeting the Astrologer. Book An Appointment

Do you only deal with the Corporate or Businessmen clients or even the other Individuals?

We address to the issues & queries of Individuals also and find solutions to their problems and give the right counselling. We provide our specially designed personalised individual reports by the name EXPLORE YOURSELF- The Life Report with Period Analysis & Life Predictions. For details, you can visit Personal Counseling on Services tab. Book An Appointment

When do I expect desired results once I follow your consultation?

The results may follow within hours, days or months depending upon the gravity of the issue and your time period provided the remedies are properly followed with faith and good intention.

How do I pay?

You can pay in two ways:

i) Cash Deposit/Transfer via NEFT to our bank account:
Account NameCORP ASTRO
Current Account No5020 0012 727812
IFSC Code HDFC0000521
ii) TRANSFER VIA Corporate Astro Paytm Walet WALLET:
Mobile Number:+91 9573096969
Name:TUMUL Raathi

If not satisfied with consultation, then?

Our expertise, passion & sincerity towards our job can never let you down & unsatisfied. Still by any chance if we don’t meet your expectation, we don’t charge any fee if you are not satisfied or happy with the consultation and the same need to be communicated within 24 hours of receiving the consultation. The fee shall be refunded back.

How are you different from other Astrologers?

We give solutions & remedies after deep analysis & understanding of the subject. Our analysis is very scientific involving deeper aspects of Astrology, Numerology, Nameology & the study of your Aura & Vibrations. Our remedies are easy to perform and cost effective and we do not believe in impractical solutions which are difficult to follow.

Our unique reports for Corporates/Businesses as well as of the Individuals are prepared after deep analysis and study of various factors which are personally designed by our Astrologer himself. There are no generalised predictions but are very specific to each Individual or Company as we do not offer generalised software based reports as usually offered in the market.

Last but most importantly, the answer to this we seek through your feedbacks & testimonials as we praising or saying good things about us is valueless until you acknowledge and endorse our service.

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